Adventures into CouchDB and Rails

May 4, 2009

When Upgrading CouchDB at Some Point…

Filed under: CouchDB — Tags: , , — zdzolton @ 3:15 pm

Versioning with Mac Ports can kinda suck, and new CouchDB versions are often incompatible with the old version’s data files.

Idea: Use CouchDBX, during incompatible upgrades, as a holding pen for your local data!

  1. Download CouchDBX
  2. Replicate from your Mac Ports-installed databases to
  3. Delete “old” databases from your Mac Ports-installed CouchDB
  4. Upgrade your Mac Ports-installed CouchDB to some new, binary-incompatible version
  5. Re-create the databases in the newly-upgraded CouchDB installation
  6. Replicate from your CouchDBX databases to the Mac Ports-installed CouchDB
  7. Enjoy! Or, Profit! (You choose…)

See?! That was so bad, was it?


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